Dilla Month Day 26 – The Reunion

Whaddup doe son!

Everyone knows about the line up change in Slum Village. One of the things fans hoped for was a SV reunion with all four members. Unfortunately, the release of Detroit Deli saw the departure of Baatin from the group. The situation was address in the track “Reunion” which was actually produced by Black Milk. Elzhi pretty much explicitly addressed the situation. And Black’s choice of single gives a very sentimental feel to the song. One could only imagine how dope a track with all four members would have been.

Dilla Month Day 22 – Not A Thing



After Dilla’s death, many emcees recorded songs using Dilla beats. Some people unfortunately used them for profit and Dilla’s estate received no compensation. However, some emcees released free mixtapes as a way of paying homage to the late great producer. One of those mixtapes was the Genzilla Mixtape released by New Jersey emcee P. Genz. One of his stand out tracks is “Not A Thing” in which Genz uses “Ya’ll Ain’t Ready” from “Welcome to Detroit.” Genz successfully pairs his slick, yet confident rhymes with the quick, yet cool tempo of the beat. A perfect introduction to Dilla month.

Dilla Month Day 21 – Think Twice

Whaddup doe son!!

We’re almost at the end of Dilla Month!! Man time flies!!

Dilla was known for spending hours in record stores diving for jewels. While he was a genius in flippin’ a beat, every now and then he would put his own spin on a tune. Enter “Think Twice”. Many people have thought that it was Dwele singing on the track, when in actuality it’s Dilla singing and Dwele playing the trumpet.

Dilla Month Day 20 – Let’s

Whaddup doe son.

We all know that Dilla eventually decided to go solo. His departure from Slum Village meant that he would’t have as much as a presence as he once did, however he still lent his production skills to their subsequent projects. This also saw the introduction of ELzhi to a wider audience and he did not disappoint. This Dilla produced track really gave Elzhi a chance to shone, and boy did he ever.

“I have you so shook you think the son is on a run coming after you.”