Rosco Spears – Artist Extraodinare

Rosco Spears

Rosco Spears

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rosco Spears at Creatively Speaking’s Black Brown and Digital program at the New School. She was the wardrobe stylish for Black Actress and was there supporting creator and lead actress Andrea Lewis who was on the panel I was on.

Not only is Rosco a magnificent wardrobe stylist, she’s also a visual artist and SHE’S FROM DETROIT!!!!

This past Tuesday she hosted an artist show at Dee’s and Ricky’s in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. She showcase some of her beautiful artwork and has pieces for sale. I copped a notebook and a affirmation frame. :-)

Make sure you head over to her webstore and cop a few of her dope pieces.

Rosco Spears Art

Rosco Spears Art

SUPPORT!!! Finding Mona Lisa 313

If there’s one thing you should know about this Detroit Girl In A New York World, it’s that I’m a media buff. I particularly like…no LOVE when media is being used to promote the beauty of Detroit and when it’s being used to educate our youth. With that said I’d like to introduce you all to Finding Mona Lisa 313. Created by Jocelyn Rainey, Finding Mona Lisa is the story of a program of the same name that exposes Detroit youth the beauty of art. In their own words:

Dedicated to instilling the importance of art and art history in the youth of Detroit, Finding Mona Lisa allows for students to explore the places and cultures that have produced some of the world’s greatest works of art. By providing a context for these masterworks, students have an opportunity to experience the study of art history beyond text and still images. As a result, students obtain a true understanding and appreciation for other cultures, celebrating their similarities and respecting their differences. Finding Mona Lisa not only improves the quality of life of each student, but also the lives of their families and their community. We make the world their classroom!

I can’t even express to you all how much I love this right now. Our youth deserve to see THE WORLD. The best classroom IS the world. And the world needs to see the great work they are doing. Please SUPPORT Jocelyn and Finding Mona Lisa as they work towards completing their documentary. $1, $5, whatever you can. And if you can’t, then please spread the word. Let’s show the positive side of The D.

Listen to Jocelyn as she speaks at TEDx Detroit about educating our youth about the arts.

Dilla Month Day 28 – “Believe in God” ft. Ma Dukes

So we’ve come to the end of Dilla month. We got a chance to go through some of Dilla’s best; some known, some unknown. Nevertheless, there are probably still plenty of Dilla tracks we have yet to hear, but I’m sure that when the time is right, his estate, with his mother’s blessing, will release more music.

Speaking of Ma Dukes, Mrs. Yancey actually lent her vocals to a track from 2006/2007′s (depending on if you’re in Japan or USA) Jay Loves Japan. It’s beautiful to hear Ma Dukes sing over her son’s track.

Long Live Dilla.

Dilla Month Day 26 – “McNasty Filth” Jaylib ft. Frank N’ Dank

Today we’re gonna switch it up a bit. In 2003, the Madlib/J Dilla collective known as Jaylib released Champion Sound. The pair recorded the album while on different coasts (Madlib in CA, Dilla in MI), sending tracks back and forth to each other. What resulted was an album of epic porportions. This track features detroit emcee’s Frank N’Dank as well as Dilla in an emcee role, instead of his usual producer roll (Madlib produced this track).

Dilla Month Day 25 – J Dilla “Reality Check” ft Black Thought

Whaddup doe!!!

We’re almost at the end of Dilla Month. Say it ain’t so!!!

Today’s jam comes off 2009′s Jay Stay Paid, a posthumous release featuring new tracks as well as cameos from many long time Dilla-collaborators. I think this track is appropriate featuring society’s obsession with “reality tv”. Black Thought blesses the track as only he can. But that guitar riff. My goodness…..

Dilla Month Day 24 – Crate Diggers

Whaddup doe.

Today i’m going to switch it up. Instead of posting a video, I’m going to share an episode of Fuse’s Crate Diggers. Fuse hit up a few of Dilla friends’ such as DJ Spinna and Frank Nitt and not only talk about his crate digging process, but also took a look at some of the vinyl he left behind.