SMW: Mobile Technology and the New Live Music Experience

(L-R)Wolf, Doshi, Porter, Hecht

This afternoon I attended Mobile Technology and the New Live Music Experience hosted by Spin Media. The panel included Dorrian Porter, CEO of Mozes, Jonathan Crowley, Director of Business Development at foursquare, Jared Hecht, co-founder of GroupMe, Rush Doshi, founder of Superglued, and Darin Wolf, EVP/General Manager of Live Nation. The discussion was moderated by Mike Albanese of Spin Media.The discussion talked about how mobile technology is influencing the live music experience and how each of the companies listed above plays into it. Very informative!! It also made me evaluate what I do when I attend live music shows. Afterwards there was the Reb Bull Space Happy Hour. Complementary cocktails were served and participants also got a chance to enjoy some of Red Bull’s gaming consoles. Pictures coming soon!!

Upcoming Events:
2/9/2011: Artist Talk: Standing With Papa Legba at Caribbean Culture Center (CCCADI)
2/10/2011: SMW: Power Networking: How to Kick Ass, Take names, and Be Awesomely Social (without being Scary)
2/11/2011: SMW: “Tweets, Beef, and Internet Heat” – The Keys to Success in Today’s Hip Hop Industry


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