Artist Talk: Standing with Papa Legba

Last night I attended Artist Talk: Standing with Papa Legba at the Caribbean Culture Center (CCCADI). Panelist included filmmaker Ja’Tavia Gary, artists Thom Corn and Elizabeth Columba, and Lodz Joseph of Forgotten Language which represents artist Jacques Rony. The discussion was moderated by Shantrelle P. Lewis, Director of Programs & Exhibitions at
CCCADI and Shante’ Cozier, Special Events Coordinator for the Museum of Modern Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA). The exhibition’s artists spoke about their works, inspirations, and themes of their pieces as well how traditional African religions influenced Vodou and how Vodou plays a role in the history being of Haiti.

Standing with Papa Legba: Vodou at the Crossroads is part of Re-Imagining Haiti, a collaboration between both CCCADI and MoCADA. The partner exhibit Le Project Nouveau is on display at MoCADA.

Upcoming Events:
2/10/2011: SMW: “Tweets, Beef, and Internet Heat” – The Keys to Sucess in Today’s Hip-Hop Industry” 5pm at Red Bull Space, SoHo, NYC

2/13/2011: I Heart Haiti Mixer 4pm at MoCADA

2/15/2011: Bouncing Cats Movie Screening 9:00pm Doors open at 8:30pm St. John’s University Little Theatre FREE ADMISSION


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