SMW: Power Networking: How to Kick Ass, Take Names and Be Awesomely Social (Without Being Scary)

(L-R) Gannett, De Rosa, Thurston

Social Media Week continues!!! I’m meeting so many people and learning so much. Today I got tips on networking at the Power Networking: How to Kick Ass, Take Names and Be Awesomely Social (Without Being Scary) workshop hosted by Hashable. Panelist included Soraya Darabi of Foodspotting, Emily Gannett of IRL Productions, “King of Tumblr” Anthony De Rosa of Reuters and SB Nation and Baratunde Thurston of The Onion and Jack and Jill Politics. Panelists gave insight into online etiquette, how to increase your twitter following, and how to successfully turn online meetups into real-life relationships. A few tips I took from the workshop:

1. Instead of asking “what I can have”, ask “what can I give” when trying to attract potential employers and/or future connects.

2. Organically do what you love to do and let that attract the kind of people you would like to network with.

3. Don’t feed the trolls. (Don’t feed into meaningless arguments and comments)

Afterwards, participants got the chance to enjoy Red Bull Space’s gaming center as well as unlimited Red Bull, while enjoying the wonderful sounds of Reggae, courtesy of the DJ.

Upcoming Events
2/10/2011: SMW: “Tweets, Beef, and Internet Heat” – The Keys to Sucess in Today’s Hip-Hop Industry” 5pm at Red Bull Space, SoHo, NYC

2/13/2011: I Heart Haiti Mixer 4pm at MoCADA

2/15/2011: Bouncing Cats Movie Screening 9:00pm Doors open at 8:30pm St. John’s University Little Theatre FREE ADMISSION


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