Aroma Espresso Bar = New NYC chill spot!!

So last night I was hangin’ out with some friends. After a horrible experience at Dallas BBQ’s on the Upper West Side, we decided to walk down the street and try to find a Starbucks or small coffee shop to sit and chat. What we found was much better than we expected. We came across Aroma Espresso Bar. As soon as I walked in, I felt comfortable. They have a wonderful setup and well as a very nice staff. You can get a small coffee for $1.94 and it comes with a piece of chocolate!!! They also sell pastries and sandwiches. Their red chairs are so comfy, it makes getting work done a breeze. And even though they close at 11pm, they didn’t ask patrons to leave until 11:01pm!! Talk about customer service. And all pastries are 50% off after 9pm. So you ever happen to be on the Upper West Side, make sure you stop by. You may even see me there!!!

Aroma Espresso Bar
161 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023

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Upcoming Events
February 13: I Heart Haiti Mixer 4pm at MoCADA

February 15: Bouncing Cats Movie Screening 9:00pm Doors open at 8:30pm St. John’s University Little Theatre FREE ADMISSION

February 17: Sex Crimes Against Black Girls: A Multimedia Exhibit Exploring Sexual Exploitation Facing Black Girls Throughout the Diaspora Opening Reception 6pm Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Center for Arts & Culture Skylight Gallery


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