SMW: ‘Tweets, Beef, and Internet Heat’- The Keys to Success in Today’s Hip Hop Industry”

(L-R) Osse, Saigon, Rosenburg, Civil

Wow, what a week. I’ve met so many people and learned so much. I ended my SMW experience last night by attending “Tweets, Beef, and Internet Heat”- The Keys to Success in Today’s Hip Hop Industry hosted by The Source Magazine and StoneBrown Productions. Moderated by DJ/Producer Fritz Celestin, the panel included Reggie Osse, managing editor for The Source and host of the Combat Jack Radio Show, “Social Media Queen” Karen Civil, Peter Rosenberg of Hot97, and internationally acclaimed recording artist Saigon.

The panel gave light to whole concept of “beef” and how the internet is changing the industry, giving anyone with a keyboard the opportunity to be “gangsta”. They also discussed how social media affects and perpetrates a controversy, how viral videos are creating hip hop careers and the affect websites like WorldStarHipHop are having on the image of Hip-Hop and the Black community in general. A few key points I came away with:

– Artists are more sensitive these days.
– You have to be mindful of what you say because it may affect a career.
– “There’s an art to tweet beef and real hip-hop beef” – Reggie Osse
– “Beefin’ and battlin’ are two different things.” – Saigon
– “Rap kida need rap fathers” – Reggie Osse

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