Tea Lounge – Park Slope, Brooklyn

Sunday afternoon. Mid 50s. Sun shining. Perfect day to get some work done. I needed a place to get some work done as well as relax. Somewhere preferably in Brooklyn with free wi-fi. So I put the word out on Facebook that I was looking for a nice cafe to work and relax. Two friends of mine suggested the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn. So I decided to check it out. Wow.

Located in on Union St. between 6th and 7th avenues, Tea Lounge is a cute cafe stuck into the Brownstones of Park Slope. From the outside you may think this is only a small little cafe with room for only 20 or so people. But once I walk thru the door, I was introduced to an array of individuals (most of them typing away on Macs) sipping coffee and tea out of cute mugs and relaxing on a mirage of mismatched sofas, chairs, and what seems like odd office-furniture turned dining furniture. Add a background soundtrack of Nina Simone and there is your snippet of the Tea Lounge. Not only do they serve various coffee and tea drinks, which also have an impressive food menu as well as bar (for all you alchies out there). Items included salads, sandwiches and Vegan desserts. And unlike your average cafe, Tea Lounge also hosts different events throughout the week. They have movie nights on Tuesdays, Bingo and Trivia night on Wednesday, and live music performances throughout the week. They also host private events and even carter. To further distance themselves from the cliché cafe, they also stay open past midnight. Perfect for all of those who like to burn the night oil.

Make sure you visit their website as well as visit the cafe’ itself. Shoutout to the two friends who put me up on the Tea Lounge, and the one of those friends who wanted to keep it her little secret. Sorry sis LOL!!! 😉

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