WELL WELL WELLL!!! How is everyone doing?

For the past few years I’ve been on this “picture” thing. I switched over to Tumblr and start posting more pictures and videos. I occasionally wrote a post, but not like I used to. Well, I’m back on it. And not only am I back to writing, I’m also filming!!

So what’s new for January? Well, first and foremost, MY NEW WEB SERIES!!! That’s right. I make films. Surprised eh? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys. But now you know!! I’m in grad school right now pursuing my Masters’ in Media Studies with a focus on documentaries and editing. I love editing. Seriously do. It’s one of the most relaxing exercises ever, next to yoga (more about that in a future post). But back to the subject at hand, my web series, Transplants.

You all know how I feel about my city. The pride I have in my hometown. With Detroit making so many headlines, I felt like everybody was adding their two cents to the conversational pot. I’m lying, most of the media coverage is negative and these docs done by non-Detroiters, pissed me off. Now I know that native Detroiters who are still there are speaking up and I’m glad they are, but I felt like there was a group of us who were being left out; Transplants. There is a HUGE community of Detroiters in NY and all of us (or at least the one’s I’ve met) are concerned about the well-being of our city. We are also proud of Detroit and are quite vocal about it (nope, I’m not the only one). So I decided it was time for us to have our voices. It’s time for people to see how we feel about the situation that is Detroit. No hold bar. All honesty. Episode 1 featuring Journalist Glennisha Morgan debuts MONDAY JANUARY 21, 2014 at 2:00pm. Don’t miss it!!

For February, you can expect my Daily Dilla posts as well as info about Dilla events going on around the country.

And we’ll go from there!!

So yeah, I’m back on it. Stay tuned for more posts and videos!!



Tell me how YOU feel!!

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