Red Bull House of Art – Detroit

So last night was the GRAMMYs (which I semi-intentionally missed). However, thanks to Facebook I received plenty of updates on winners, performances, and many other things. Earlier this morning however, I received a text from a friend saying that Red Bull did a commercial involving Detroit and she says it was great. Now my friends know me as the Detroit Girl In A New York World (#detgirlnyworld) so anything they see regarding Detroit, they’re coming to me about it.

During last night’s GRAMMYs awards, Red Bull showed their commercial for their Red Bull House of Art which opened in May 2012. Per their Facebook page, the space is a :

Multi-disciplinary and collaborative art project with the participation of undiscovered artists. Red Bull House of Art Detroit is an art incubation project providing up and coming artists with a creative environment to develop new works and innovative ideas.

Eight artists were chosen by curator Matt Eaton to participate in the 8 week cycle, in which the artists showcase their work in the gallery. I’m not too familiar with any of the artists, but the artist featured in last night’s commercial was Tylonn J. Sawyer, who I’m assuming is from the current cycle of artists in the program.

I appreciate the concept. I like the fact that they chose a native Detroiter for the commercial . The commercial also features George N’Namdi, founder of The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art which was DOPE. My concern is that the popularity of Red Bull’s House of Art will take away from other art galleries in the city that are ran by Detroiters. There are many great galleries in The D, like N’Namdi, and 5e Gallery, that house many great artists. I would love to see Red Bull House of Art collaborate with the galleries to show the world that the art scene in Detroit has BEEN booming. This is nothing new. I know Red Bull is going to attract all the new comers in the city as well as those from the suburbs, but let’s not forget about those artists who were in The D before Red Bull, are in The D during Red Bull, and will be in The D after Red Bull. It’s great that Red Bull is giving these artists’ a space to create and a platform to promote their art, but hopefully this will encourage others to seek out more art galleries in the city.

Here’s the commercial. What do you think about it?


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