Postmark Cafe – Park Slope, BK

Spring has finally arrived!! One of the things I love doing is hitting up a cafè, drinking tea, and getting some work done. In Brooklyn, there are a skabillion different cafès, coffeehouses and spots were people like to go and take a break. Sometimes, they can get crowded and it can be a tad bit overwhelming, or even frustrating when you want to just sit down with your Earl Grey and laptop. Thanks to Yelp,  I came across this quiet gem in Park Slope called Postmark Cafe. Nestled under some apartments off 4th Ave and 6th street, Postmark Cafe offers a small yet sufficient menu of hot/cold drinks, pastries and even a few sandwiches (grilled PB&J anyone?). The FREE wi-fi (yes FREE) is an added plus, and that atmosphere in itself is perfect for a Sunday afternoon think-session. Either this is a BK best kept secret, or they have mastered the art of not having a large crowd. And I approve.


Tell me how YOU feel!!

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