Marv Won – Field Ni**a

If you’ve been following Road to Total Slaughter on Fuse, then you may have become familiar with Marv Won. Hailing from the great Motor City, Marv is no stranger to the world of Hip Hop. He’s become a staple in the Detroit Hip Hop scene. You may have seen him in 8 Mile, heard him on a Black Milk track, or have maybe seen him in a few Dwele A.B.D.P. vids. Either way, his name should be in your vocabulary.

Marv recently released his latest single Field Nigga which gives a critical look at what we deem as important and who is really down to do the dirty work. I think this song comes at a perfect time where there are so many issues going on in so many different cities. When will start standing for ourselves? Trick Trick can organize 100 men to prevent Rick Ross’ entry, but can we do the same to protest the water shut off in Detroit?

Nonetheless, make sure you download his single now. And while you’re at, cop his other projects as well. This one is my personal fav.

Check (and share) the video for Field Nigga:


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