44 minute Dilla Fan Video

We’re just a few weeks shy of Dilla Month (get ready for daily Dilla joints!) however Houston Loves Dilla started early by posting this 44 minute fan video of the entire Donuts album. Yes the whole album. Granted the album can stand by itself, this video gives viewers a sneak peek into some of the inner workings as the album — basically the samples. Made entirely of found footage, this montage puts a face to some of the samples that you may not have even known Dilla used. As simple as it may seem, finding quality found footage can be a hit or miss, however to find the exact footage that cues perfectly with the song is amazing. Kudos to the producers of this video.

Can’t wait until February! In addition to my daily Dilla joints, I’ll also be hitting up Rare Form NYC and Okayplayer’s Donuts Are Forever 9 February 15th at Brooklyn Bowl. The $5 and $8 tickets are all ready gone and I’m sure this event is going to sell out, so make sure you get your tickets before it’s too late. Of course I’ll be there with my Detroit fitted and Dilla chain on.

In the meantime, check out the video:


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