K. Dot Releases “To Pimp A Butterfly”

So I woke up for a hot second around 2:50 this morning, decided to check Instagram and Facebook real quick and saw this:

Hold up, what?

Hold up, what?

Originally the album wasn’t supposed to drop until March 23, but for whatever reason, TDE decided to drop the album at midnight and social media (or at least my timelines) went crazy. So imagine my surprise when I see my friends posting pics of the album.

photo (1)

I’m still listening and re-listening to the album and digesting it, but what I can say is that this is a masterpiece. Many albums today are very beat heavy and often times can either overpower and/or overshadow the lyrics. However To Pimp A Butterfly is a perfect balance between rhythm and lyric. The music itself is very nostalgic of the 90s however K.Dot’s hard-hitting, socially relevant lyrics hit the listeners with a fierceness that has been finding it’s way back into “mainstream” hip hop via K. Dot and other passionates emcees such as Logic, J. Cole, Royce Da 5’9 and Lupe Fiasco. Given the current social climate, To Pimp A Butterfly comes at pivotal time and serves as a voice of a generation who struggle with finding their place in the constant battle for justice in a system that profits off their demise.

Every track is crafted in it’s own perfection, but the one track that struck me the hardest was Mortal Man. Kendrick basically calls EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF US who claim to be fans of not just himself, but any friend or well known figure that we say support and questions whether we’ll truly support them when the forces that be come after them. (“How many leaders you said you needed then left them for dead?””That nigga gave us Billie Jean, you say he touched those kids? When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan.”)  And the most MONUMENTAL moment of the record (SPOILER ALERT!!) is his conversation with Tupac Shakur. That moment itself helps bridge the gap between generations and kills any speculation as to the validity of Tupac’s legacy. Tupac often said that his lyrics would spark the mind that will change the world. Kendrick is ‘Pac’s prophecy coming into fruition.

Do your self a favor and buy the album. Sit down, listen and feel.




Tell me how YOU feel!!

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