NEW Jill Scott Music!!

Jill Scott

Jill Scott

2015 is shaping up to be an AMAZING year for music. Hip hop has been stepping up to the plate with the release of Lupe Fiasco and then of course Kendrick Lamar just broke the internet a few days ago. If you were wondering were R&B was, well Jill Scoot just answered your call. Jilly from Philly dropped the visuals for her new single “You Don’t Know” from her forthcoming album.

Jill hasn’t given us a specific release date for her new album,but if this single is an indication of the music to come, I’m sure it will be nothing but fantastic. The song is reminiscent of that old school Philly R&B (shout out to Gamble and Huff). From the guitar to the horns, the classically trained Queen Jill flawlessly conveys the feeling of unconditional love that causes you to do that which you normally wouldn’t.

The video itself takes us back to the analog days of recording. We see Jill in the middle surrounded by a full band (with Questlove on the drums of course) and a trio of male background singers as well as tape machines and monitors recording the vocals. Shoutout to Nzingha Stewart for capturing Jill and Co. in such an intimate atmosphere.

Check the video below:


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