New Music: Lil’ Mama “Sausage” (VIDEO)


Over the past few years, Lil’ Mama has been the source of quite a few jokes. Whether it’s her “cameo” during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance of Empire State of Mind at the 2009 MTV VMAs or her interview on The Breakfast Club, the baby can’t catch a break. However one thing remains the same, sista got bars. And she proves it with her latest offering “Sausage”. Filmed it what may be her old Harlem stomping grounds, the always entertaining Lil’ Mama gives us a visual gift reminiscent of the 90s complete with the dance breaks in the park and the double dutch. Not saying those things don’t happen in the hood anymore, but you don’t see them often in videos. Hopefully there will be more music to follow this and it isn’t just a one time deal. Might there even be an album coming?

Peep the video below:


Tell me how YOU feel!!

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