Lupe Fiasco Drops A Track For Your DMs

The good brotha Lupe

The good brotha Lupe

If you’ve been following Lupe Fiasco, then you know that after the release of his latest masterpiece Tetsuo & Youth, he decided to take a self-imposed break from the public and take some time to himself. He’s completely walked away from Twitter, leaving it in the hands of his team, but still is quite active on his Instagram, leaving very thought provoking essays on police brutality, ghostwriting, money, and whatever he damn well feels. Well the good brotha Lupe decided to share some music with us as well. Last Thursday he dropped “L.A.W.” on his SoundCloud.

Now I know that we Lupe fans are used to his complex and captivating lyrics, and some fans aren’t feeling this track because it lacks his normal word mastery, but let the brotha live. He did a song for the ladies. And that’s not to say the ladies can’t handle wordplay (because I know someone is thinking it. Slow ya roll.) May I bring to your attention to the fact that he isn’t telling some lady to bend over nor is he detailing the many ways he could flip that thang and whatnot. Instead, he choses to, dare I say, lyrically court said lady by not only verbally flirting, but by also encouraging/congratulating her on doing her own thing.

“Now you all business, started up yourself small business.
And we all in this, no half-stepping, we high heel.
All inches, high yield, small interest, hell yeah.”

Once again, it isn’t the deepest of lyrics, but it isn’t your typical misogynistic lyrics either and it speaks to women being more than just some random rapper’s piece of entertainment. L.A.W., which apparently is a track left on the cutting room floor from Tetsuo & Youth and was allegedly titled Drizzy’s Law (insert chuckle) gives your a brain a chance to just sit back and chill for a moment. No complex parallel structures or lyrical puzzles to decipher, just a brotha trying to get at a sista without disrespecting her.

Check the track out for yourself.

“Daddy can be a gangsta, just can’t be no lost n***a.”  Well alright Lupe.


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