Hell You Talmbout?

Wondaland Society

Wondaland Society

Janelle Monae has been giving us bits and pieces of her Wondaland crew. Whether it was the Sonos commercials, or the debut singles from Deep Cotton and Jidenna, the Electric Lady has slowly initiated us into that which is the Wondaland Society.

This past friday, Wondaland released their first Ep, The Eephus. I’m still listening to and disgesting it, however, about a day or so prior to dropping The Eephus, Janelle and Co. released Hell You Talmbout on their Soundcloud.

This song is a march. A war cry. A declaration of the importance of black lives in the country with one statement:

Say his/her name.

This act of resistance via the Wondaland crew (along with others such as Kendrick, J Cole, Lupe and others) is reminiscent of a time where those of us with influence and and a platform used those as tools to fight this system that continues to disenfranchise us. Something as simple as speaking their names is another way of saying we will not forget, ignore, or accept such treatment. As a consequence of using her platform to speak out against injustice, Janelle, who is an advocate for individuality, has now added to the lst those who the media is trying to silence, with NBC cutting her off during her speech about Black Lives Matter during her Today show.

Kudos to the Wondaland crew for using their platform and influence to continue to evoke change.


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