VIDEO REVIEW: Skrillex &Diplo: Where Are U Now ft. Justin Beiber

Diplo, Justin Bieber, Skrillex Photo Courtesy of

Diplo, Justin Bieber, Skrillex
Photo Courtesy of

While at work I usually have my headphones on so when videos come up on the TV screen I can hear the song. This gives me a chance to actually watch the video. I like watching music videos without the song playing. It gives me a chance to see if I can:

(1) tell what the video is about, whether there is a actual story line or if it’s a performance video, or a combination of both and

(2) if I can tell what the song is about.

So this video comes on. I like a good mixed media piece. And I liked (what I perceive) is the concept, which is having people come in and paint on Justin’s image and using that for the video. Based on what I could pick up in the video, I feel like they told the “guest artists” to paint their opinion of Beiber and then added more images and effects in post (production, that is). I did something like this for a class project in grad school.

Then I watched it with the song, and it works. It fits in with Beiber’s new campaign to clean up his image. Compared to other Skrillex/Diplo tracks, it much more simple and not as heavy, which gives the listener a chance to digest it fully. No choreography, or the choreography was made to look like it wasn’t choreographed (yes that happens) is a nice touch, and his vocals don’t take away from or overpower the production, which is good since this is a Skrillex/Diplo joint. It sounds like Justin Beiber on a Skrillex/Diplo track and not a Skrillex/Diplo-produced Beiber track which I think is VERY important.



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