Review: Keith Murray vs Fredo Star Battle

Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr

Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr

*Late Pass. I know. Bacdaf*up (c)Onyx*

About a year or so ago, the battle world was a buzz with the news of an impending battle between various rappers and emcees including Bone Crusher vs Mike Jones, Ness Less vs Syah Boy, and the most notable, Fredro Starr vs Keith Murray. Well, due to lack of funds, none of the battles happened. Fast forward a year later and the Fredro Star/Keith Murray battle was back on. Not only was it back on, Fredro had a whole list of emcees he’d like to battle and let the world know in preparation and promotion for his upcoming battle with Keith Murray:

The Fredro Starr/Keith Murray battle happened in October 4th in Brooklyn, New York and hit YouTube a few days later. I was expecting Keith come out on top. Boy was I disappointed. *sigh*  Let’s roll through this one real quick.

  • I was happy to hear beats. I tend to be alone in this mindset, but in the age of beatless battles, which although gives the emcees a chance to not only enunciate their punchlines, but also gives the audience a chance to take it in, process and instigate said punchline, I feel that silence can also be used as a crutch for those battling, as the beat forces you (if you’re going off the dome) to craft jabs and responses on the fly. However considering so many battles are pre-written, I don’t think that matters anymore.
  • I don’t know if Keith Murray had a few drinks or what, but he seemed a little out of it and it seemed as if he was there more for the performance as opposed to Fredro, who was there do work. You can clearly see it in the 1st round where Keith, who elected to go first, seemed to be slightly more interested in getting the crowd hype, but was quickly brought back to the stage when Fredro grabbed the mic.
  • Who ARE all these people on stage?

WINNER: I have to give it to Fredro. Clearly he came more prepared to battle and seemed to have a thirst for lyrical blood that Keith either wasn’t prepared for or wasn’t expecting. Even though Keith proclaimed “I’ve been a battle rapper since muthaf****n 1985. All my muthaf****n records are battle raps” at the beginning of the battle (which is true), he clearly failed to produced the ammunition needed to defeat his opponent. As a result, this gave Fredro more to feed off of, making his jabs and punchlines much more afflictive than they may have really been. Case in point, Fredro murked Keith.

HOWEVER, if Fredo really plans on battling the Mighty Mos Def, Elzhi the Syllable Sensei, and the meticulous Masta Ace as he said above, he’s gonna have to tighten it up just a little bit. Keith may have been a quick win, but Keith was out of character that night and the forementioned emcees are full fledged lyrical beasts who aren’t going to go down so easy.

Watch the battle below and Keith Murray’s explanation for his loss:


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