Happy 15 year Albumversary OutKast!!



October marked 15 years since OutKast released their masterpiece Stankonia. This 2000 release further solidified their place in the legacy of Hip Hop. OutKast is one of if not thee pioneering group that introduced the rest of the world to the heavy-hitting, low riding bass sounds of the South. Often times we mark moments in our lives based on the music we were listening to at the time. I was a senior in high school when this album dropped. I vividly remember playing B.O.B. on the computer in the class room with classmates and listening to So Fresh, So Clean while proudly embracing my senioritis.

So here’s to OutKast. To being one of the dopest groups in Hip Hop and including their genius in the soundtrack of my teenage high school years.


Tell me how YOU feel!!

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